LAHORE - The campaign for the first phase of local bodies’ polls in Punjab is moving at snail pace because of the first half of Muharram-ul-Harram.

All religious school of thoughts strictly observe the first half of Muharram up to 10th of the holy month suspending almost all extra-ordinary activities.

Activists of both PTI and PML-N, seemingly the two main contestants from the provincial capital for local bodies’ elections told The Nation yesterday during a tour of some of the union councils fall in NA-122 that campaign would take momentum after 10th of Muharram.

They said they had already covered a part of the local elections’ drive during the by-poll drive for NA-122 and PP-147. As most of the union council leaders had been tasked to run the by-election drive which also covered the campaign for local elections.

Small corner camps had been set up by the supporters of Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif candidates in the streets of various union councils of NA-122.

Posters and flexes of candidates of Bat and Lion hanged outside the camps where small groups of four to five people sitting to convince the new voters to use their ballot for them to get better civic facilities at their doorstep.