Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan has said that the board will decide about the national team's participation in next year's T20 world cup, in case of no contact by Indian cricket board, in the next seven to 10 days, Waqt News reported.  

He was addressing a press conference here in Lahore.

“If all the doors close, then we will take a stance on participation in T20 World Cup. Zaheer Abbas has advised against participating in the tournament,” he stated.

 On the issue of bilateral series he stated that there is very little probability, but there is still some hope.

The PCB chairman further told the press about his recent visit to India and said that he went there on the invitation of the Indian board. “I did not go on my own. I had written a letter on August 29, after which the meeting was scheduled through an official invitation by the BCCI chairman,” he added.

While discussing the events during his tour he pointed out that there were only 30 to 40 Shiv Sena workers who entered the BCCI office. “Police could have controlled them but they entered rather easily,” he claimed.

He further told the media that he was not contacted after the incident for the next 36 hours which shows the lack of hospitality of the Indian board. “We waited for a call for re-scheduling of meeting but no one contacted me, not even a letter of apology was presented to me by Mr. Shashank Manhor,” he exclaimed.

Khan stated that after no communication by the Indian board, he decided that there will be no further contact. “Sharad Pwar asked for the meeting but I refused and came back to Pakistan,” he said.

 While answering a question the PCB chairman said that a minority has made whole India hostile. “The social circumstances are not under control of Indian government,” he stated.

About informing the Indian board about their lack of hospitality, Khan said: “We will inform them officially in writing in next 2-3 days but they already know what we feel,” he stated.