ISLAMABAD - Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Qamar Zaman Chaudhary yesterday said the Bureau has completed its first phase of investigation into alleged irregularities in the Nandipur Power project.

Talking to media after inauguration of NAB Forensic Science Lab, he said the NAB will also investigate increase in project cost and payments in second phase.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had inaugurated this controversial 425MW power plant in May.

Earlier, he was addressing an inaugural ceremony at the NAB Rawalpindi headquarters, he said the NAB has cleared 92 per cent backlog of cases which have been pending for an extended period of time. He said around 1,133 cases were lying in old pending list but a deadline for processing pending cases was set (June 30, 2015) and 74 per cent out of total were cleared in all shapes and forms in July this year.

The chairman appreciated the Bureau’s work force for working diligently and achieved 92 per cent clearance of backlog till first week of October while remaining cases required further time and assured these would also be cleared soon.

He said a concept of Combined Investigation Team (CIT) has been introduced as investigation officers and prosecution are working as a team to ensure transparency and unbiased investigations. He said a system had been formulated to standardise selection of cases. Priority is being given to cases as per the nature, the amount involved and number of affected persons, he said.

He said with the help of properly functioning forensic Lab, investigation Officers probing different high profile corruption cases will be able to produce better and quick results for NAB. Currently, NAB is taking help from other investigating agencies to meet its needs in the cases where help of forensic experts is needed. He said the Forensic Science Lab (FSL) is established in NAB Rawalpindi with three sections i.e. Digital Forensics, Fingerprint Forensics and Questioned Documents.

Establishment of Forensic Lab will help retrieving of documents from electronic devices like Cell Phones, Computers, iPads and networks and its preservation, to determine authorship of questioned hand writing, identity questioned typescripts and printed documents, to detect forgeries in questioned documents, to determine interpolation, additions or overwriting and substitution of papers, and to work on Questioned Fingerprints for comparison and/or identification purposes.

The chairman said the experience of 15 years of NAB has shown that struggle against corruption is not the fight of one man, one institution rather the responsibility lies on every citizen. “We can only win this war through collective efforts of all segments of society. We need to show cooperation and spirit to fight the monster of corruption,” he said.