PR Islamabad - Islamabad Marriott Hotel hosted a very engaging and unique cooking class conducted by its chef Giulio Ciccoteli.

He is a native of Ricci Italy. He was already quite exceptional when he attended a prestigious hotelier school at a young age of 14. Ciccoteli joined Marriott in the end of 2012 and since then has brought his vast experience which he gained from all around the world from restaurants and 5-star hotels.

The countries like Britain, France and Italy are accounted to his journey in the culinary world. In October 2014 he recorded at a live cooking restaurant Zigolini for PTV World and in May 2015 he got from Marriott International the nomination for 2014 Global Discipline Award for Award of Culinary Excellence Rising Star. He has a thorough knowledge and vast experience on Italian cuisine. His devotion and passion for food has always shown the commitment and hard work he does in his cooking. Giulio focussed on a variety of Italian cuisines, such as pastas, lasagna, tortellini, pizza and risottos.