ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan yesterday regretted the federal government's deliberate attempts to impede the KP Ehtesab Commission from conducting accountability of all, including politicians and political leaders. The remarks of PTI chief came after Islamabad Police informed KP Ehtesab Commission that it could not arrest ANP Senator Sitara Ayaz without the permission of Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani. The commission had sought help of Islamabad Police to arrest Senator Sitara Ayaz who is wanted by the commission in an alleged corruption case.

In a statement issued by PTI Central Secretariat, Imran Khan reminded: "Fighting corruption and having a strong independent institution for accountability has been a key commitment of PTI to the people of Pakistan." Chairman PTI pointed out that when PTI formed the government in KP, it set about operationalising this commitment. It took two years to set up an independent KP Ehtesab Commission, which was supported by all parties in the KP Assembly. Now these parties are trying to resist the steps it is taking because they were not prepared for substantive accountability. A PTI minister and a PTI MPA's father were the first to be arrested by it.

Unfortunately, Imran Khan said the federal government is making it difficult for KP Ehtesab Commission to arrest criminals hiding out in Islamabad. This is a clear effort to allow those guilty of corrupt practices to escape accountability, as it has become a practice to do muk muka (under hand deal) rather than expose corruption. “Such actions are unacceptable,” he categorically stated. "We are determined to counter efforts to prevent us from arresting politicians/leaders of political parties wanted by KP Ehtesab Committee. We will hold everyone guilty of corruption accountable before the Ehtesab Law of KP," he added. He said that no one should have any doubts on this count as PTI's commitment to ending corruption and punishing those guilty of the same is unwavering.