Islam teaches love, brotherhood and unity, therefore, followers of all sects must tolerate and respect each other’s belief to promote harmony.

Individual role is of great importance and Ulema from all schools of thoughts should come forward to keep things in balance.

Kasur DCO Adnan Arshad Olakh and DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi stated at a meeting held to review plan for Ashura Muharramul Haram, the other day.

A large number of high-ups of police and civil departments attended the meeting. The DPO underlined the role of Ulema and religious scholars in the maintenance of peace, saying that everyone must rise above all affiliations to ensure peace and order. He expressed his optimism that this year, with the help of clerics, the police would manage to keep the atmosphere calm and peaceful. He assured that the Kasur police have made all necessary arrangements to meet any eventuality. The speakers said that anti-Islam forces are bent upon destroying peace and causing instability, therefore, it is need of the hour to forge greater unity.