LAHORE – The Election Commission desires to conduct all phases of local bodies’ elections under the supervision of army and rangers, officials told The Nation today.

Officials of election authority said that keeping in view the mass of three phases of the local bodies’ polls against the backdrop of security situation the commission direly needs the services of army and rangers for the smooth and peaceful conduct of local elections.

They said it were the army troops who ensured smooth and peaceful conduct of October 11 by-elections. The security agencies reports indicated the incidents of possible terror and violent clashes between the activists of the ruling party and PTI on more than fifty polling stations during the by-polls.

Punjab Election Commissioner Masood Malik said army was needed on the vote day. “As soon as the security agencies identify the sensitive polling stations and areas for the local bodies’ elections the election commission officials will request for troops’ deployment,” he said.

Two of the security agencies officials told this scribe that Lahore, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Kasur and Bhakkar could be on the top of the sensitive areas list category specifically with regard to strong possibilities of violent clashes between the workers of PTI and PML-N during the first phase of local bodies’ elections.

In the first phase of the local bodies’ polls in Punjab the polling will be held in 12 districts. The districts include Lodhran, Vehari, Okara, Pakpattan, Lahore, Kasur, Nankana Sahib, Gujrat, Bahawalnagar, Faisalabad, Bhakkar and Chakwal.

According to election authorities of Punjab the total number of registered voters in the 12 districts is 20,085,329 of which 11,310,912 are male voters and 8,774,417 are female voters.

In Lahore the total number votes is 4,306,885 of which 2,453,182 are male voters and 1,853,703 are female voters. In Faisalabad the total number is 3,944,545 of which 2,219,126 are male voters and 1,725,419 are female voters. In Gujrat the total number is 1,726,760 of which 957,224 are male voters and 769,536 are female voters.

In Kasur the total number is 1,614,042 of which 930,980 are male voters and 683,062 are female voters. In Okara the total voters are 1,507,246 of which 846,700 are male voters and 660,546 are female voters. In Vehari the total number is 1,430,692 of which 812,106 are male voters and 618,586 are female voters. In Bahawalnagar the total number is 1,387,865 of which 793,201 are male voters and 594,664 are female voters. In Chakwal the total number is 1,009,947 of which 529,182 are male voters and 480,765 are female voters.

In Pakpattan the total number is 898,144 of which 496,050 are male voters and 402,094 are female voters. In Lodhran the total number is 817,445 of which 453,722 are male voters and 363,723 are female voters. In Bhakkar the total number is 765,171 of which 430,466 are male voters and 334,705 are female voters. In Nankana Sahib the total number is 676,587 of which 388,973 are male voters and 287,614 are female voters.