National Organizer of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has finally refuted all reports and rumours regarding his defection from the party, saying his opponents spread hoaxes.

Talking to the journalists here on Tuesday, he said that the ministers belong to PML-N stood against each other and this issue has become a hot topic for debates in TV shows. “Now the opponents are spreading rumours of my defection from PTI. They are doing propaganda that I am joining any other party,” he maintained. He declared that his party is fully prepared to participate in the local government elections and it would contest against the PML-N.

He suggested to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to explain his viewpoint clearly before President Obama to make his US visit successful. He added that the Prime Minister should discuss with President Obama the situation in Afghanistan, Indian aggression on Control Line and American support to India for Civil Nuclear Technology and should explain Pakistan’s stand and reservations. “This will make it clear that what is the level of international support to Pakistan despite our tremendous sacrifices in war on terror,” he added.

He said that extremism grew horribly in India since Modi government came into power. He strongly condemned Hindu extremists attack on Indian Cricket Board’s office during the visit of Chairman PCB. “These incidents have unveiled true extremist Indian face,” he maintained. He asked the world to recognise the true extremist face of India. Citing examples, he said that a few days back attempts were made to get cancelled the show of Ghulam Ali and then black ink was sprayed on the face of host of function for launching of Khurshid Kasuri’s book. He said that the Muslims were being targeted frequently by extremist Hindus since Modi came into power.