The recent disclosures of Mr Asif Ali Zardari, co Chairman PPP about his reconciliation policy could well be termed as a volt face. His stalwarts Ayaz Soomro and Nisar Khuhro had made jubilations after the arbitrary passage of local bodies’ bill in the Sindh Assembly, in pursuance of which initiative Sindh stood partitioned.

His unnatural alliance with MQM culminated into rigged elections of May 2013, abetted un-relenting terrorism, unprecedented corruption, kidnapping for ransom and targeted killings – a nuisance in society is being progressively eliminated by the Rangers under the control of Chief of Army Staff. Poor Bilawal is nowhere, being bereft of confidence.

He is confused whether to be called Bhutto or Zardari; as the conception of two surnames or cast are irrelevant in the Sindh Society. Last but not the least, the people of Sindh had point blank challenged the reconciliation policy of PPP; which shows good wisdom, people feel alleviated of the present operation against the bad governance of PPP/MQM which had taken away their right to life. PPP already stands routed of the other three provinces due to its misrule.


Karachi, September 28.