Crime in Pakistan is present in various forms. Organised crime includes drug trafficking, money laundering, forged currency printing, extortion, murder for hire and fraud. Other criminal operations engaged in human trafficking, corruption, political violence, terrorism, abduction etc. The question is that what are the main reasons of crime in Pakistan society and why it is increasing so rapidly? It is because of the rising poverty, unemployment and inequality in Pakistani society, the rising case differences divide the society into various parts and according to the status law will be provided this contribute a lot in making people aggressive and frustrated and late on it become cause of crime in society. Other factors too impact the situation, like lawlessness, fundamentalism, backwardness and double standards prevailing in the society.

People around the world always think of Pakistanis as terrorists- we are not all like that. I agree that there is a high crime rate, however, most Pakistanis in the less civilised areas of Pakistan suffer from extreme depths of poverty, which is the main reason for high crime rates. What is the Pakistani government doing for the betterment of its nation is the question in the minds of every Pakistani. The nation is disappointed that the government is not providing safety and security and properties and lives are not protected.

Frustration and aggression among youth is also becoming the cause of crime in Pakistani society. The youth could change the future of country but in Pakistan they are not being given any rights and nor the security of their futures almost every Pakistani is in depth. Pakistan is facing a crucial financial crunch and it will remain the same. There are no jobs and no job safety. People are disappointed and due to that they become frustrated and turn to crimes like theft, taking bribes and what not. In Pakistani society there is no rule and regulation and due to lack of justice there is no fear of being punished, so this also contributes in an increase in crime rate.

Criminology is the scientific study of crime, including its causes, responses by law enforcement, and methods of prevention. It is a sub-group of sociology, which is the scientific study of social behaviour. Education is one of the basic means through which we can change our lives. According to the budget, it has been due to Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif that things have improved, but in Pakistan everyone is not blessed with quality education. Pakistan has a dual educational system divided in Government and Private schools.

Ordinary, government schools are for the people who can’t afford quality education and private schools are for those who can afford quality education. If the youth is not getting education than for them life become difficult and this frustrating situation become the cause of suicide.

Unemployment, poverty, rising inflation, crime and terrorism become the part and parcel of life of Pakistanis on almost everywhere in every walk of life. There are many problems, so youth is confused and scared about their future. People are committing suicide due to rising inflation, since the government seems to be helpless in providing relief to the people.

Though it might not seem possible, at least we should try to find out solution of all these problems. We should try to find the solution at community level. The Pakistani nation is always dependent on others we do not attempt anything for solving our problems. We always look for the government despite of the fact that the government will to provide anything to the nation. The only work of the Pakistani government in the previous tenure was looting the national treasury and after the completion of tenure they shifted to other countries and are living happily. And we are expecting from such corrupt governments to solve our problems. This is the main reason that now Pakistan is not progressing and we are about to enter in the dark era with no electricity, no gas, no modern facilities. And this country had achieved after sacrifices of our forefathers on the name of Islam but now we are, miles and miles away from Islamic teachings.

The relationship between the police and the citizens has become dreadful in our country. The attitude of policemen towards their job is very careless. People mostly prefer to solve their problems themselves, instead of taking help form police. This trend needs to be changed. Inspector General Mr. Mushtaq Sukhera and Dr. Haider Ashraf are the honest men who are working hard to provide smooth momentum to maintain law and order of Punjab and junior police officers must learn from their behaviour.

There is a need that policemen must bring a change in their attitude towards the public. This change will help to improve the all over law and order situation of our country. There must be cooperation level between both the policemen and citizens equally. So that both can perform their duties and also bear their responsibilities for a good society and the country. But some police officers make it their ego matter to not to be with social community to maintain law and order situation. Where there is a will there is a way. Some of police officers understand they are doing well said by SHO of their area all is well. But in the way of actuality the crime rate is being increased in their divisions, like Allama Iqbal Town Division, looting, purse snatching, and theft rate is at the peak level. Often low-level officers during their crack down do not make the justification and do bargaining with existing criminals. That’s why the crime mafia works independently. It is widely regarded that the police in any given society have a difficult job to do. Dealing with criminals and facing the harm on a day to day basis is indeed an admirable calling. Although seen as difficult, there is an underlying sentiment in the general public that the job of law enforcement officers is relatively straightforward. The role of police in modern society is often a conflicted one. The public seems alternately torn between crying out because of abuses of police power and calling for increased police protection from the ills of the society.

The police, as a social institution, seem to be caught between these two extremes, trying to balance liberty with security. Out of this inherent tension is the place of the public in modern society, many of the positive and negative aspects and roles of this institution begin to emerge.