Islamabad - Loi Bher police have arrested two persons for their involvement in sale of human organs, a police spokesman said yesterday.

According to details, Irfan Masih s/o Karamat Masih lodged a report with Loi Bher police station that Ejaz s/o Muhammad Ashraf and Khalid s/o Mansha, resident of Samundri area of Faisalabad, asked his brother-in-law Zeeshan Masih, resident of Lahore, to come to Islamabad for a business here. They asked him to sell his kidney as he would get Rs 150,000 in return. After selling his organ, the complainant said that only Rs 10,000 were given to Zeeshan Masih who is now struggling for his life. He further said that Jamil Masih, brother of Zeeshan Masih, has also been called by the accused here in Islamabad and is kept in detention. The complainant said that these people are involved in the sale of human organs and a private hospital at Doctors Town is running this horrible business. He further alleged that Khalid s/o Mansha, Rafique, Raja Mehmud, Akram and Riffat are working as agents there who incite poor to sell their kidney and get amount in return.

Following this complaint, SSP Islamabad Sajid Kiani assigned task to SP (Rural) Dr Syed Tanveer Mustafa to ensure arrest of those involved in this ugly business, the spokesman said. A special team succeeded to arrest two persons Ejaz and Khalid and recovered four detained persons.

identified as Ghulam Rasool, Allah Ditta, Muhammad Arshad and Jamil Masih. During preliminary investigation, the nabbed persons confessed their involvement in sale of human organs for the last seven years. Further investigation is under way.