New Delhi -  Just days after the pigeon was found, India’s border security forces have caught another bird – a falcon this time – in Anupgarh adjoining international border near Rajasthan’s Bikaner district.

The poor falcon who was injured because of the instruments tied to it has been handed over to the forest department in Anupgarh. Upon close investigation, the BSF jawans found nothing on the body and are assuming that the antenna must have fallen.

The falcon was caught flying from the Pakistan border before it entered the Indian terrain. It then sat down in Anupgarh.

According to Indian news agency ANI, Indian forces believe that the falcon probably belongs to Saudi sheikhs who hunt Houbara bustards in Pakistan. Thankfully, the falcon has not been taken into custody or jailed like the pigeon. It has been handed over to the forest department.

On October 1, the security forces in Pathankot arrested a white coloured pigeon with “suspected Pakistani links” and locked it up in a special cage. Reportedly, the pigeon had a message attached to its leg written in Urdu. “Modi Ji we are not the same as were in 71 — Jaish-e-Mohammad,” it said. The officer assigned to take care of the pigeon happily posed with the special prisoner, a picture that was tagged funny on social media. The pigeon who became really famous was even taken to be scanned for SIM card or other devices.

However, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Amritsar, Ashok Joshi said that it’s possible the pigeon that was caught was not trained because it’s not easy to get them to deliver messages. The pigeon’s fate will only be decided after the investigations are over.

Also, the Indian police in Held Kashmir have seized more than 150 pigeons allegedly being smuggled for the purpose of espionage and a probe has been ordered into the issue.