It is no surprise to note that we live in such a society where dishonesty, lying, and cheating go unpunished. What is more surprising that those who cheat the law of the land, public sector organisations for employment, promotion, and up-gradation also go unpunished. It is reported that many unscrupulous elements have submitted fake educational testimonials but still enjoy positions which they do not deserve on any count.

When one begins to search for those who cheat the law, the system, the society, and the state, one finds umpteen examples of cheaters in this country. People cheat in all modes and manners in this society. Because of the growing “cheating culture” in the country, the society is going through a terrible tragedy. There is confusion, chaos, grief and emotional displacement within the society.

People cheat in examinations to get degrees. They cheat to develop their research papers and PhD thesis. They also cheat to get promotions.

It pains me to see when someone responsible cheats the erudite high ups just to favour their bunch of “blue eyed boys” in different public sector organisations.

Cheaters in this society always receive validations, but once in a while, if any cheating matter is probed and cheaters are exposed, their mentors use various means to shelter and shield them. Like many others, I myself do not know when that time will come when the cheaters will be punished.


Islamabad, September 24.