The degenerated feudal culture is like a cancer that is spreading quickly and will ultimately prove fatal. We witness it everyday in our places of work, on the roads, and worst of all, in our corridors of power. There is no such thing as the rule of law. We are now being led to believe that this is part of our culture. What can be more repulsive than dubbing a whole nation corrupt? We forget that Pakistan was created through a constitutional struggle, to function as a democratic welfare state with equal rights to all citizens, irrespective of caste, class, gender or faith. It was, unfortunately, hijacked by adventurers, remnants of the British colonial Raj, or the so called mercenary elite class, who have amassed wealth by filing false claims to gobble property.

What can you expect when insatiable ministers refuse to be checked for common violations of the law, like the ones we experience every day? A police vehicle, a military jeep, or a minister’s car jumping the traffic signals is now a common sight. It is rather ironic and appalling how the custodians of law adhere to lawlessness. The sons of so called VIPs consider it their divine right to grab real estate and plunder national assets. Islam does not countenance such unruly behaviour and holds every individual equal and accountable before the law. It does not give rulers the powers of discretion and violation of the rights of every individual. This amounts to discrimination, to which Islam does not permit at all.

These are the universal principles that are adhered to by all civilised societies, religions, and sovereign independent nations. Perhaps the time is now ripe for us to seriously consider ways of doing away with this vexing VIP culture, the nauseating stench of which now stinks to high heaven.


Sheikhupura, September 24.