FAISALABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that Panama Leaks are not mere allegations rather proofs, showing that the offshore companies were used for money-laundering.

Addressing the black coats here at District Bar Association, he said, "We will not let Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif escape from the Panama Leaks scam."

Imran Khan said that the Supreme Court decision will strengthen his party's agenda as corruption is eating away at the country.

He further said that the country was getting buried in debts. "Countries like Bangladesh and Nepal are doing better than us and we are behind them due to the corruption of our rulers. We want change and prosperity in our beloved country. We have to get rid of the political parties that have settled their turns for rule. As a result, the state institutes are completely destroyed. And there is no end to politicians' corruption when they come to power," he said.

Khan said that institutes in successful nations do not differentiate between the rich and the poor but in Pakistan, the corrupt rulers had ruined ethical values. He urged the black coats to join hands with PTI and participate in the protest of November 2 as lawyers played vital role for the restoration of democracy and independence of judiciary.

He said that PML-N was enjoying sixth time rule in Punjab but the bench of Lahore High Court has not been established in Faisalabad. "Faisalabad is second largest city of the province and third largest city of the country. The provincial government's apathy on ignoring the demand of LHC bench in Faisalabad is strange that deprives millions of people to enjoy justice at their doorsteps," Imran added.

He said that the PTI protest would be fruitful for the future of the country. He said that his party would not allow the rulers to loot the national assets. He asked the masses to join PTI protest if they want positive change and justice in the country and if they desire to conclude the chapter of corruption from the politics of the country forever.

While commenting on the hearing of Supreme Court, he said that for the first time in Pakistan's history, a 'king' has been told that he is not above the law. He blamed the rulers for destroying the national economy. He said that in the past, Pakistan was an exemplary economy in Asia.

Later, Imran Khan addressed a PTI workers convention at Jaranwala Road and criticised the government. He declared the PTI decision to lock Islamabad as a step for elimination of corruption. He said, "We will not let PM Nawaz Sharif escape from the Panama Leaks scam."