AHMEDPUR EAST - PML-N Punjab leadership has granted tickets to the nominees of MNA Syed Ali Hassan Gillani and MPA Qazi Adnan Farid groups for 10 reserved seats of Municipal Committee Ahmedpur East.

For the purpose, a meeting was held in Lahore. Held under the chairmanship of Provincial Minister Nadeem Kamran, the meeting was also attended by PML-N central leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif.

Qazi Adnan Farid group enjoys the support of 28 councillors out of 45 while MNA Ali Hassan Gillani group has the backing of 13 councillors.

PML-N leadership decided that six PML-N tickets will be awarded to Qazi Adnan Farid and four tickets will be given to MNA Ali Hassan Gillani nominees for special seats.

Meanwhile, 18 candidates filed their nomination papers to Returning Officer Ahmedpur East Abdul Rauf Mahar for 10 reserved seats.

They include Ume-Nida Ashraf, Mrs Farzeel Farooq, Kaneez Fatima, Mrs Shumaila Tariq, Noreen Bibi and Mrs Aisha Nadeem for five reserved seats for ladies, six minority candidates Gorkha Ram, Plada Ram, Jeala Ram, Gobind Ram and Arjan Ram for two reserved seats, Sheikh Irfan Aziz and Suhail Aslam for one reserved seat for youth. Three candidates Mian Siddique Asim, Abdul Jabbar Garezi and Rana Shahid Rafique filed papers for two reserved seats for labour in Municipal Committee Ahmedpur East.

Likewise, the PML-N leadership has granted party tickets to the nominees of MNA Ali Hassan Gillani for all the six reserved seats of Municipal Committee Uch Sharif.

MPA Syed Iftikhar Hassan Gillani belongs to Bahawalpur National Awami Party (BNAP). Thirteen councillors have been elected in the local bodies elections.

The MNA has the support of three councilors, Hafiz Jamil group enjoys the support of four councillors, former Chairman Town Committee Makhdoom Syed Zafar Hassan Gillani of two councillors and former tehsil Nazim Makhdoom Syed Sabtain Hussein Bukhari group is supported by four councillors.

Polling will be held on November 8. It is pertinent to mention that the MNA has planned to induct his uncle Makhdoom Syed Zafar Hassan Gillani as chairman and Haroon Mian of Hafiz Jail group as vice chairman for two years period. Similarly he may nominate Makhdoom Syed Sabtain Hussein Bukhari as chairman of Municipal Committee Uch Sharif for the rest of two years to keep balance in Municipal Committee.

He said that he will hold a meeting of all elected councillors after reserved seats elections in which he will unveil his plan for his home town municipality.