Think tanks are considered to be the wisest and most sagacious persons in the world. When one faces any problem, one would find a think tank to get some suggestions regarding the solution. Such policymakers are really experienced, knowledgeable, and experts in tackling the matter through the left hand. They possess extraordinary decision methods to reaping the maximum benefits from any given solutions.

However, many nations are under-developed and tangled with multiple problems because, they do not knit think tanks’ recommendations which are based on short and long term policies for development. Nonetheless, this process of making consultations and deliberations is being carried out in 6848 think tanks spread across the world. There is no doubt that, every nation can enhance development with the help of think tanks. But a fact, which is unknown by a chunk of population is that, at present, nearly 27 percent of the world’s total think tanks are in the US only. In 2015 US ranked on top of the list with 1835 think tanks. China was placed on the second position with 435 think tanks. Considering Muslims countries, Iran ranks at the 19th position. Pakistan has a total of 20 think tanks and is ranked 13th among OIC states and 63rd globally while 3rd in SAARC countries.

If any state needs to be powerful economically, politically and socially, it needs to be consulted with such think tanks.


Shikarpur, September 25.