Dera Ghazi Khan -  People have to face problems as the centuries-old graveyard located at the backside of Karbala in Taunsa Sharif city remains inundated with sewage due to apathy of Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA).

As a result, dozens of graves have been washed away. The local people went to the graveyard on 10th of Muharram but a large number of them could not visit the graves to offer Fateha for the departed souls of their dear ones. They could not lay floral wreaths at their relatives' graves, not could they repair the damaged graves.

On Wednesday, when a number of citizens including women and children visited the graveyard with rose petals, fragrance candle, leaves of date tree, water and pulses, they got shocked and hurt to see the graves inundated with sewage. The graveyard was flooded because the sewage from the town was released towards it.

Iqbal Khan, local resident, expressed disappointment over the apathy of local administration, and said that it was primary duty of the tehsil administrator to ensure cleanliness and provide facilities including provision of water, shelter and clear earmarking of the graves for those who visit to offer prayers for their dear ones.

Azmat Khan Buzdar expressed concern over the situation and said that in civilised societies, measures are adopted for the cleanliness and maintenance of graveyards but it is littered with garbage. However, the authorities concerned were indifferent to the condition of the graveyard, he said. The locals have repeatedly demonstrated against the issue but the authorities have turned a deaf ear to the issue. He alleged that negligence and poor performance of SDO Public Health Engineering Department Muhammad Shoaib regarding ongoing mega project of laying sewerage pipelines in city has caused the bad condition of sewerage system near graveyard.

When contacted, the SDO denied allegation, and said the spillage from drain towards graveyard was due to old project of sewage lines of 2006-2007 such as the old project was out of level in the city.

When contacted Taunsa TMO Inayatullah, first he tried to conceal the presence of sewage water in the graveyard, but when he was shown many pictures of the affected graves, he admitted it. However he claimed that it was some days ago but now sewage water have been drained out from the cemetery.