Blood pressure is the force with which the heart contracts and pumps the blood around the entire body. The normal blood pressure systolic is (120mmhg) and diastolic is (80 mmhg) but it changes with according to age or lifestyle. 

During pregnancy the mother’s blood pressure can be above of (150 mmhg) systolic and (100 mmhg) diastolic, while sometimes it leads the mother to experience unconsciousness. Blood pressure can be measured and checked with superficial arteries which are located on the hands and legs as well neck. The blood pressure works according to pulse rate and heart beat and the decreasing and increasing of heart beat influences blood pressure to change. But why does our blood pressure change? We often hear and see that some people have high blood pressure and some have low. 

High blood pressure is created due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking, sleeping too much, eating dirty and spicy food, fast food, or even a lack of job. It may also lead us to become overweight due to deficiency of exercises which also harms the kidney and causes coronary heart disorders and eventually lead to death. This is why it is called silence death. 

The low blood pressure is uncommon but it is much more dangerous and can lead to nausea, fainting, dehydration, etc. Hence I request people to take note of their ages and lifestyles and be healthier and happier by eliminating blood pressure problems. 


Karachi, October 15.