Quote: The rule of this game is that if they don't catch you, you are a genius. But if they do, you are a miserable nobody.

– Valerio Viccei

Valerio Viccie, a career criminal, entered the the Knighstbridge Vault along with his accomplices and hung up a 'closed' sign while taking everyone else inside hostage in what is known as one of the biggest robberies in history. He had secured inside help from a man named Parvez Latif, managing director of the centre, a cocaine user who was heavily under debt. Before this, Viccei was already implicated in over 50 different robberies during his lifetime and so, for him, the execution of this operation was surprisingly simple. After entering the bank during business hours under the guise of opening a safety deposit box, he and his armed accomplices "subdued" the manager and security guards. Eventually, they walked out with at least £62 million ($97 million) in cash, jewellery, and other valuables. While his accomplices were caught and sentenced, Viccei enjoyed a brief period of freedom by fleeing to South America, only to be intercepted by British authorities and jailed when he came back to visit England in order to retrieve and ship his Ferrari Testarossa. If the inflation-adjusted value is considered, it is said he was able to get away with almost $178 million in today's money. Viccei was sentenced and later transferred to Italy where he died during a gunfight.