KARACHI - Mayor Wasim Akhtar said that the local government is a nursery of democracy and no society can be termed democratic if basic democratic institutions are weak there.

He said this while addressing to a programme Punchayat held by the Young Democrat Pakistan on Saturday. Pakistan would have been a well developed country with strong democracy, had we fulfilled our duties as rulers, he said.

The mayor said that the citizens deprived of clean water and suffered due to garbage cluttered. He said that people must see the background of the leader when casting their votes. If right decision was made, the policies too will be correct and journey to progress will be rapid.

Wasim was of the view that the ruling families in Pakistan did not give anything to this country and people of the country must understand this. He said that every person must make the right decision then we will become a democratic society and strong Pakistan.

“Local government is basic democratic institutions. How can be democracy gets strong without paying attention to these institutions,” he asked.

He said members of parliaments have no duty to clean the streets or locality or doing petty works they rather are supposed to legislation which is done by the educated young men.

He said that we welcome our youth in Karachi and they must have the spirit of serving the people in a right way. They also have to support merit and they can bring revolution.

“We need young leadership in our country to get progress and development. The youth should raise their voice for resolving problems of city and speak on Karachi problems as much as possible as their voice is considered stronger and energetic and pave the way for bringing change in any society,” the mayor emphasised.