“I think democracy is on the decline in the West. Ruling parties are the same:

neo-liberalism at home and wars abroad.”

–Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali is popularly known as the

street fighting man of the 60s.


Tariq Ali born in 1943 in Lahore is a British Pakistani public intellectual. His parents Mazhar Ali Khan, an eminent journalist and editor of Pakistan Times, and Tahira were both communist. Born in a communist house, it was natural that Tariq Ali would grow up in the same tradition. Activism was something that was and remains the blood of Tariq Ali. He came to prominence as a student leader as he led demonstrations against Ayub Khan’s illegal military government.

He earned international reputation for leading anti-Vietnam war demonstrations in the streets of London. Since then till this day, Tariq Ali remains one of the most ardent opponents of American imperial ambitions. Even at the age of 75 he does not get tired. With the power of his pen he has exposes American and Western lies that the nexus constructs to invade countries after countries. Many in Britain call him Pakistan’s finest export to Britain. Some believe that he would have more audience and recognition than Noam Chomsky had he had a white skin.