Issues like garbage, sewerage, water crises, shortage of electricity isn’t new in Karachi to start with but these problems has taken a major turn after the weather forecasted showed expecting showers in Karachi. Its true that government had done nothing beforehand to solve this issue rather playing blame games but as talking about role of citizens I’m deeply hurt to say we are equally involved.

we all are killing this beautiful city Karachi who is home to thousands of people from different cities and what we give her in return is tones of plastic which are later creating sewerage problems, we people are also involve in electricity thrifting (kunda) which is creating electricity shortage not only that we have forgotten to make our city clean as every here and there are puddles of garbage by people living in Karachi.

Sadly we are following the Islamic hadith ‘cleanliness is half of faith’ only till doorstep to our homes, we are only taking care of our home and its maintenance forgetting that Karachi is also our home and its our responsibility to take care of it rather our thinking criteria has shattered much to think that government have workers for it and they are not fulfilling their duties.

citizens should know that Pakistan is still lacking and is in its developing stage which means there is a possibility that many of the departments aren’t working how it should be rather than creating problems join hands in solving them and once again make this city clean by joining hands together and actively working towards cleanness.

Just by these three steps we can bring a major change in Karachi; number one is to eliminate the use of plastic bags: as we know polythene is a material that take years to dissolve just by eliminating it there will be a major reduction of garbage from society and the main reason of sewerage problems are also polythene by this step this problem can also be solved. Number two is to know the littering system: right now there is no small firm of recycling industries in Karachi but still if we can store plastic, glass and other wet garbage in different containers, and provide the glass and plastic to the scraper it can be stored separately and maybe recycled by different material related companies themselves. thirdly if we can plant trees in our surrounding it can reduce the environmental heat and our consumption of 24/7 electricity can be reduced which may can help providing it to every citizen equally.

Our country needs us, our city needs us rather than playing blame games or creating more issues lets take a step to solve it. It may can not solve the issues that are already there but it can help not increasing them.