LAHORE    -     Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD) joins hands with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) annually on October 20, to mark the global campaign to fight osteoporosis and related fractures. Approximately 200 million people worldwide are affected, resulting in a fracture every 3 seconds. One in three women and one in five men aged 50 or over will sustain an osteoporosis-related fracture. Osteoporosis means porous or thinning bones. On World Osteoporosis Day, we would urge all older adults to be aware of osteoporosis risk factors and to consult their doctors if they are at risk. Although there are many factors which can point to possible underlying osteoporosis, among the most common are: a broken bone after age 50 following a low-trauma fall; height loss of more than 4 cm (1.5 inches); long-term use of steroids and other bone damaging medications; being frail and underweight; and parental history of osteoporosis or hip fracture. A fracture in one’s senior years can be life-changing. Acute pain, lengthy rehabilitation, long-term disability, dependence on caregivers, and loss of quality of life are all too common. PSRD is holding a seminar on October 22, 2019 at 10:30 am at 111, Ferozepur Road, Lahore to promote awareness about the prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis. In addition, a week-long campaign is being carried out in the Outdoor Patient Department of PSRD’s hospital for patients and their attendants.

 On October 20, PSRD has initiated an Osteoporosis Awareness campaign in the Packages Mall between 2pm to 10pm for the general public. All adults must make their bone health a priority.

 Maintaining strong bones and muscles is the key to an active, mobile future at older age.

PSRD has a strong commitment to work for the improvement of bone and joint health in our society.