KHANEWAL - Regional Police Officer (RPO) Muhammad Wasim Ahmed Khan advised the policemen to prepare themselves to face any challenge at all times and to expedite the evacuation of the criminal elements from the society.

He was addressing police Durbar held in district police lines Khanewal. He urged them to get united to ensure justice so as to win the hearts of people who are always expected to do good things from police.

He said that strict action would be taken against police touts who promote bribery and deny people direct access to officers. The RPO added, “Police officers who are diligent, honest and understanding their duty are the assets of the police department.” He claimed he has taken the initiative in Multan region regarding introduction of public-oriented police force. He talked about role of community policing for good governance.

He highlighted that peace, law and order cannot be ensured without the inclusion of common people.

“The involvement of the community in law and order and crime prevention dispels the fears of the police from people’s minds and increases their willingness to cooperate,” he said.