Lahore     -   Former lawmaker from Mananwala Ali Salman Siddique has taken a swipe at Maulana Fazlur Rahman, chief of the factional split from a religious party, for ‘pushing the country towards anarchy without any plausible reason in utter disregard to national interest’.

Since the 1980s, Fazl has been enjoying the support of a factional split from the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam established in 1945. Entirely based in southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and northern Balochistan, the Fazl faction of JUI emerged as the 5th largest party winning 3.2% of the popular vote in the National Assembly.

“Fazl has been pushing the country towards anarchy, chaos and lawlessness through agitation and protest without any plausible reason to further his power centric personal agenda, in utter disregard to national interest,” Ali Salman said while talking to a delegation of notables in Sheikhupura on Sunday.

According to a press release, former PTI district president Kanwar Imran Saeed led the delegation to the meeting with Ali Salman .

“Maulana should better come up with some cogent demand and should come to table for resolution of the same. Ali said that the so called Azadi March was a manifestation of personal interests of Maulana who was finding it hard to survive without the perks and privileges that he had become accustomed to enjoy over the years. He remained Chairman Kashmir committee for decades altogether without any contribution towards the Kashmir cause whatsoever. Now that 27th October is to be observed as a Black Day for highlighting the atrocities meted out in Kashmir by India, Maulana is hell bent to damage the Kashmir cause of by announcing to hold his so called march on the same day. The timing of Maulana militant Lashkar’s photos and videos being released at the crucial time when FATF was considering Pakistan’s fate is particularly intriguing and clearly indicates whose agenda was being followed by Maulana.

Ali said: “The opposition parties were not sincere with each other and stood divided.  Maulana’s protest was for furthering his personal agenda which the opposition parties understood well and thus were offering just lip-service only to him.  Eventually Maulana would be left on his own to stage the so called protest it seems.”

Condemning the agitation based politics of Maulana, Ali said that raising a Danda Force in the name of Islam made his intentions clear as peaceful protest with Danda force wasn’t possible.  “It was government’s responsibility to ensure law & order and provide a peaceful environment to the people and the government would not let anyone pollute the peace of the federal capital.”

Ali said: “The way Imran Khan emerged as a leader of international stature and economic indicators have puzzled the opposition because it feels that if continued, they would be wiped out of politics. Thus they got together against the IK government but they will not succeed in their nefarious designs. Imran Khan will be able to complete his agenda of youth empowerment, national development and raising the prestige of Pakistan in the comity of nations.