Peshawar    -  IGP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr Sanaullah Abbasi on Tuesday said a list of around 900 smugglers had been shared by the KP Police with Pakistan Customs and the provincial government recently and the police had arrested 589 smugglers and seized goods worth Rs843.9 since the start of 2020.

Dr Sanaullah Abbasi told The Nation that abandoned and unfrequented routes were being monitored as most of the smuggling took place through such areas. 

He said that goods worth Rs112.26 million had been seized and handed over to Customs authorities and around 589 persons had been arrested during the campaign. He also said that police were supporting Customs authorities in the raids. 

The IG said that the seized items included food items, tobacco, wheat, tea, textiles, automobile spare parts, mobile oil electronics, cooking oil, vehicles, etc. 

“There are two kinds of goods seized. One, those smuggled out of the province and the ones smuggled into KP,” he added. In the operations against drugs, the KP police chief said, the police not only conducted raids on drug dealers but a campaign had also been launched for eradication of poppy crop.

“Narcotics and drugs not only affect one’s health but it also affects the society as a whole such as an increase in crime rate,” he added. 

“More than 10,741 drug dealers have been arrested this year so far and during such raids, the police have even suffered attacks from smugglers,” Abbasi said.