ISLAMABAD-Leading British landscape designers Aralia have confirmed their first ever entry into Pakistani real estate market. Aralia are amongst Great Britain’s leading landscape designers boasting a world class portfolio including the £2.8 Billion Chelsea Creek development in London for Berkeley Homes and Centurion Golf Club in Hertfordshire. Aralia will be working on the luxury Islamabad Hills development by Diyár Homes which is poised to be the most luxury real estate community in Pakistan.

Commenting on the appointment, Patricia Fox CEO of Aralia and lead designer for Islamabad Hills said that, they are extremely honoured to be working on this monumental development with Diyár Homes and look forward to creating what will certainly be the most iconic master community in Islamabad.

“It is not often we have the opportunity to work on such a large area and particularly at Islamabad Hills where Diyár Homes have allocated more than 77% of the total land area for open areas and amenities we definitely have our work cut out, “ she said.

 Islamabad Hills is Pakistan’s first luxury resort community and will also be home to ‘The Hills Promenade’ Pakistan’s first luxury outdoor shopping promenade. Commenting on Islamabad and her experience visiting Pakistan, Patricia said “It’s my first time visiting Pakistan and it has come a very pleasant surprise especially as a landscape designer the natural beauty of Islamabad is second to none. The warmth and hospitality of everyone I have met has been incredible. It is great to be collaborating with local Pakistani architects and designers and we all agree no developer in Pakistan previously has appreciated the natural beauty of Pakistan’s landscape have but for Diyár Homes that is at the forefront of the development, retaining and enhancing the natural beauty”.

She said the landscape of Islamabad Hills itself is magnificent, lush green hills and deep valleys which will create a world class idyllic resort setting. Asked about her one favourite feature of Islamabad Hills, Patricia commented “One thing I have never seen anywhere in the world which Diyár Homes are doing at Islamabad Hills is that they have taken the entire entrance area which spans over 350,000 square feet, where you would typically find your most prime real estate and made that into a feature park”.

“We are working on some amazing plans for the entrance park to really create a holistic feeling of transition from the outside world into Islamabad Hills. We have some magnificent plans including a tree top walk which I’m currently designing which will take you to the canopy level of the development to give you a bird eye view. I’m really excited about this project it’s going to be extremely special”.