ISLAMABAD-There just so many variations of yoga that a novice can easily get confused as to what is right for them. As a beginning or even seasoned practitioner, how does one find out?  A few fun tips to guide you will in picking out the right class. Remember, the goal during yoga practice is to challenge yourself physically, but not to feel overwhelmed. Focusing on your breath helps to calm your mind. Here the yoga expert Aliya Agha shared her fitness experience and few tips, “My initial exposure to yoga was as a too slow & gentle form of exercise. A decade later, yoga saved me from back pain and I was convinced to try out different types.  I wanted to learn more and joined Yoga teacher trainings abroad to deepen my understanding of yoga. I began to take as many different classes as I could. Some were vigorous, while others were slow and methodical; some offered bits of philosophy, while others had mystical elements; and some were playful and friendly, while others were stern and serious. First, know your purpose to join yoga: Are you looking for a full body workout, or you seek restorative benefits such as relief from back pain? Commute your need to the studio so that they will guide you to their style.  Second, three main essentials, called Tristanas, must be learnt prior to beginning yoga. Knowing these techniques can take your yoga experience to all together at another level.”