POLICE in Lahore has arrested a man accused of killing homeless people by bludgeoning their heads with stones. The police caught him as he was about to smash a man's head in Green Town area. This is a commendable job indeed, but given the situation of surging crime in our cities there is lot more that needs to be done. The man arrested was just a member of the serial killing gang, which means that the scourge still prevails. Incidents of the sort had been reported in the past, but unfortunately the officials had downplayed them by saying that the man involved was a psychotic. But as evidence suggests, there are organised gangs, which are operating for quite some time. Javed Iqbal, who claimed to have killed 100 children, belonged to a similar group of criminals. While one should praise the officers who caught the man redhanded, it is a pity that a large part of the Department remains plagued by corruption, errant officials, thana culture and a number of other evils. There is urgent need for reforming the department to improve the security situation. The traffic warden system and the rescue service have both made some difference, though not to the extent they were supposed to. The police should take a cue from them and do better.