IN an effort to get over the energy crisis, the government has planned to install two nuclear power plants with the help of China. Besides, a plan to import electricity from Iran has been chalked out. Both projects would be of great help but the more important of the two is the nuclear package, involving the construction of plants on the model of the Chashma nuclear power plant. That could go a long way in bridging the supply-demand gap that currently stands at nearly 5000MW and is expected to rise in future. Meanwhile other options are also being explored. The construction of Bhasha Dam would start pretty soon. The Kalabagh Dam Project, whose feasibility report had been completed long ago, must also be taken out of the deep freeze. As ill luck would have it, the problem here again is the lack of consensus. Any attempt at gaining political capital at the cost of the national interest must be frustrated. At the same time the country must switch to other sources like coal, wind, solar, etc. It is worth mentioning that windmills in the West have emerged as one of the most efficient and environment-friendly means in the production of energy. India also faces the same power shortage problem, but has turned to the US for civilian nuclear technology. When Islamabad demanded the same, it only got cold-shouldered. One must be thankful to our Chinese friends for once again coming to our rescue.