I wish to highlight the important issue of unethical advertisements. Unfortunately, we don't have strong advertising policies in place in our country to control the advertising content. For this reason, we daily come across a lot of advertisements in bad taste. Then, there are other advertisements that have good content but contain statements about their product. I recently came across one such advertisement. It was an advertisement for air conditioners manufactured by a relatively new entrant in the local electronics market. The advertisement in question made a false claim about their product saving power by 51%. However, after purchasing the appliance and using it for three months, I found no change in my electricity bill. There is no consumer support available to authenticate the outlandish claims being made in advertisements. To ensure advertisements do not mislead the public, the concerned authorities should formulate policies that would place a ban on such ads. -WAQAS KAZMI, Karachi, via e-mail, September 16.