Federal Law Minister Farooq. H. Naek has declared that Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar is a 'constitutional Chief Justice. He has further said that the deposed CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would have to take a fresh oath as a judge, ostensibly from the present CJ Dogar, before the matter of his being the rightful Chief Justice of the Supreme Court could be decided. The twisted logic of the Law Minister defies all reason as even General Musharraf had publicly admitted that he had foisted the second PCO and Emergency in an unconstitutional manner. If it is admitted that Chief Justice Dogar was elevated to the position of CJ by an unconstitutional act, how can he be termed  'a constitutional CJ', as the Law Minister wants the gullible people to believe? It is an insult to the intelligence of people of Pakistan to be duped by this sort of verbal jugglery, which Mr. Naek gleefully performs with a flourish before the people like producing a rabbit from his hat. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, September 6.