The government announced with great fanfare that they would be providing atta to Nanbais at Rs 250/per 20 kg so that they could sell roti to the poor public at the rate of Rs 2/roti. In the first place we don't find any Tandoors in the cantonment area, especially in Defence, that could sell roti for Rs 2. Secondly, the government has not laid down weight of the roti. We are already getting a small-sized roti, which we call a Tikki, for Rs 4 and once Nanbais are forced to sell roti at Rs 2, you can imagine the size and weight of this awami roti. The poor man who survives on rotis only takes between 4 to 5 rotis (of the present size) at one time. In good old days, when roti was sold for Rs 1, it used to weigh 250 gms and one could take a maximum of 2 rotis at a time. The checking teams deputed by government to oversee pricing and quality of roti should check the weight also. The weight of roti announced by the government is 100 gms, which means a very small-sized roti (a tikki). Hopefully the government would also lay down weight of the roti along with the price. -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, via e-mail, September 16.