LAHORE In the guise of dengue virus, the government is getting violent and the City police have tortured the paramedical staffs of the dispensaries, basic health units and diagnostic centers of health department of City District Government on early Tuesday morning during a crackdown for evacuation of flats and quarters allotted by the government to them for residence purposes, the sources informed TheNation. They said that the City police launched such crackdown against the employees of the CDGs health department for vacating residential quarters and flats between Monday night and Tuesday morning, the sources informed adding that they started crackdown against the government employees following the directives of the Punjab Chief Minister who earlier ordered the City police to vacate forcibly all the flats and residences of the doctors and other paramedical staffs, adjacent to these dispensaries for the purpose of establishing over 100 diagnostic centers at such health units and labs for the dengue patients. They said that the police assaulted these government residents without informing the employees of dispensaries, health units and labs when they were sleeping in their residences. They said that in this regard even government or their department concerned did not issue any prior notice for evacuation of such government residences and started a sudden action for evacuation of their residences for which they were paying rent to the government from their salaries, which was being deducted by their department from every monthly salaries as rent allowance. An official on the condition of anonymity said that last night police treated them as if they were criminals. The police officials, after entering into their residences started throwing out their furniture and other home appliances without the permission of the employees and even without informing them, he said. He added that the residents started shouting on such sudden and unexpected attack on their residences, on which police instead of telling them about situation started breaking doors and windows of their residences and after entering into homes they started batten charge and beat not only the employees but also their women and children. As a result of police torture, some members of the families of the employees received sever injuries, he added. Another employee on the condition of anonymity said that if the government wanted to evacuate the residences and flats, it must inform the resident employees so that they could arrange any substitute residences. Meanwhile, a dispenser of Qila Lakshman Singh Diagnostic Centre of CDG Zahid challenged the unlawful action of government and police and filed a writ petition on Tuesday morning in a local court against them while taking plea that the government is deducting rent allowance from their salaries regularly so the government is not authorized to vacate such residences, said the sources adding that however the court accepted their legal point and issued stay order against the act of government and in favour of the resident employees. The police officials left the place when the lawyer of the petitioner showed orders of the court. But while leaving place the police officials said threatening them that they would return after getting further instructions from the authorities concerned, the officials concluded Meanwhile Emergency Response Committee, Shalimar Town Chairman, Pervaiz Malik, MNA has ordered the authorities concerned to vacate all the dispensaries, set up in the Shalimar Town and asked the police authorities to immediately get the dispensaries evacuated from the land grabbers if any of them are in their unlawful possession.