The government built the Makran Coastal Highway to facilitate citizens, but it has now become too dangerous for travellers. It was constructed on December 16, 2004, during Pervez Musharrafs regime by the National Highway Authority and the Frontier Works Organisation at an estimated cost of Rs. 3,000 million. The highway is 653-km long along the Arabian Sea coastline. It improved transportation. However, accidents on a daily basis have become a great cause for concern. On June 19, nearly 55-km away from Ormara, a bus heading for Karachi from Mand turned over due to over speeding. As a result 15 passengers lost their lives and 18 received serious injuries. In May 2005, near Pasni, two buses collided, leaving 30 people dead. According to a local newspaper, the highway has so far witnessed at least 165 casualties. Besides, at least 600 people have been injured. One of the main causes for accidents are the drivers who are either under the influence of drugs and alcohol or are busy on their cell phones. They do not follow traffic rules either. The highway police should be more vigilant and fine drivers heavily if they are found not following highway rules. Ambulances should also be available on the highway for emergencies. SYED FAWWAD HUSSAIN, Karachi, September 19.