The Lahore High Court has done well to order the federal government to impose a ban on all the websites, particularly social networking ones, that are involved in displaying blasphemous content. There should be zero tolerance for such material on cyber space and concerted efforts should be made to block them. The court gave this order in response to an application complaining that the content was still on certain websites. The decision of the court has been lauded by religious leaders across the country. It is now hoped that the concerned government departments would spring into action to ban these websites. It is most shameful to note that certain Western sections and members of radical Christianity in the West have been indulging in this sinful activity merely to play with the emotions of the Muslims. What is even more shameful is that the Western governments have done little to take action against the culprits. On the other hand, we have seen that foolproof security arrangements are normally provided to those who commit blasphemous acts. Islam preaches respect for other religions and their Prophets. The Christian world should realise that Muslims in comparison do not show any disrespect to their holy books or Prophets. Clearly the Western world needs to analyse its notions of freedom of speech and individual liberty.