LAHORE In a bid to stop spreading of dengue, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed police to remove all 760 illegal fodder farms and cattle huts and 79 cattle fodder markets. The action will be taken in collaboration with City District Government within seven days, reliable sources confirmed to TheNation on Tuesday. Only two fodder markets would be spared from the crackdown, which are located on the Luk Chandraay Road and Harbanspura. These hold licences of the City District Government. The Chief Minister directed the operation police chief to start indiscriminate crackdown against fodder cattle forms besides rounding up the patrons and in case someone either from political or bureaucratic circle - pressurises the authorities concerned then a departmental action may be sanctioned against him without delay from Tuesday night whereas Section 144 may also be imposed on Wednesday. The Chief Minister chaired an emergency meeting at 90-Shahray-e-Fatima Jinnah on Monday night, whereas DCO Ahad Cheema, CCPO Ahmed Raza Tahir, CTO Ahmed Mobin and DIG Operations Ghulam Mahmood Dogar and other officers concerned were present. According to the minutes of the meeting, due to the outbreak of the dengue fever the DCOs were directed to cancel the licences of those cattle fodder forms, which are operating without proper arrangements and legal formalities by the provincial government. The CTO was also directed to seize cattle carrying vehicles, approaching towards unapproved markets and fodder cattle form across the City. According to official documents, around 53 fodder cattle forms with 1, 200 cattle are located in Shalamar Town; 83 with 935 cattle in Nishtar Town; 340 with 200, 00 cattle in Ravi Town; eight with 1, 373 cattle in Aziz Bhatti Town; 76 with 758 cattle in Gulberg Town; four with 219 cattle in Samanabad Town; 100 with over 1, 000 cattle in Allama Iqbal Town; 96 with 800 cattle in Wahga Town whereas 31 cattle are being illegally fed in Data Gung Bukhsh Town. According to the documents, a copy of which is available with TheNation, no crackdown has been launched in five towns of the City including Nishtar Town, Gulberg Town, Samanabad Town, Allama Iqbal Town and Data Gung Bukhsh Town. The owners of the fodder cattle forms voluntarily have shifted 40/45 cattle from Shalamar Town, only 10 cattle from Ravi Town, 18 cattle from Aziz Bhatti Town whereas the City police have evicted only 14 cattle and shifted them to a compound so far. Similarly, around 79 fodder cattle markets are set to be shifted from the City with due course of time. Four cattle markets are present in Ravi Town, 12 in Nisthar Town, four in Wahga Town, 27 in Data Gung Bukhsh Town, 21 in Aziz Bhatti Town, five in Gulberg Town, six in Samanabad Town whereas no fodder cattle market is located in Shalamar Town. Talking to this scribe, a fodder market owner said that they have not been served any notice by the City District Government or the authorities concerned in this regard. We have special permits of the CDG and we will knock the door of the court if the government victimises us, he added. He further said, We are also unable to make urgent alternative arrangements outside the City but if the government cooperates with positive sense, then we are ready. CTO Ahmed Mobin did not attend phone despite repeated efforts in order to know his version regarding crackdown against cattle carrying vehicles.