Why have our leaders become so shameless. They do not think twice before spitting, and take even less time to lap it up again. Is it because they think that we too have become shameless and will jump to their defence. That they will not lose our vote no matter what. That the vote is guaranteed because of the 'sacrifices of the dead and the buried, in one case. And because of the ethnic bond in the other case, backed by strong arm tactics. Or could it be that they are not really that shameless but are acting thus at directives from someone above them who could teach them a thing or two and still have some left over, who could grin his way out of any situation without any qualms whatever. In school we used to be very ready with our chant of breaking friendship but without ever crossing the red line. If things got out of hand there always was the principal, a man of principles. No such luck now. At the end of the day who is more to blame, them or us. We who are prepared to swallow anything that is dished out to us, eager to lap up whatever is in the dish, with our tail wagging. Have we at all barked back at them to say we dont love them any more. KhurshidAnwer, Lahore.