KARACHI - President Pakistan Muslim League-N Nawaz Sharif has called for a ban on political parties with militant wings. He floated this idea while talking to journalists on Tuesday morning at a local hotel after meeting with the leaders of business community, in which he was informed about the difficulties that traders and industrialists were facing in Karachi because of energy crisis and law and order. Sharif opined that such parties should not be allowed to contest elections and that could be done by making an amendment in the Constitution. Sharif, who is in Karachi since Monday, also met with various Sindhi leaders. Later, he left for Hyderabad to visit the flood-hit areas. The former prime minister said that Supreme Court, which had held suo moto hearings into the recent spate of killings and breakdown of law and order, should also take notice of the existence of militant wings in the political parties and disallow such political outfits from participating in the polls. He said links between the militant wings and political parties should be broken in order to restore law and order and peace to the city. Karachi, he said, did not belong to one or more groups as it has people from all over Pakistan with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. He stressed the need for restoring peace in Karachi, which is crucial for reviving the sagging economy. Responding to a question, Sharif supported the idea of giving police powers to the Rangers, which has done a good job in the last few days. He said during his two stints in power, his party had tried to improve economic conditions of the country by taking various steps. The PML-N chief said he and his economic team in the party would soon meet the business community to discuss with them the difficulties faced by them and steps needed to solve their problems. He said proposals that came under discussion at Tuesdays meeting would be taken into consideration. Sharif said health of the loss-making institutions should be improved before they are privatised. Agencies add: Sharif demanded of the government that culprits responsible for bloodshed and violence in the city should be brought to justice. He said there should be no political point-scoring on floods and said the government must stop asking for aid from international community. Sharif said that restoration of peace was not on the agenda of the current government and termed militant wings of political parties as the biggest curse for Karachi. The PML-N chief also pointed out that the Port Qasim power plant and another rental power plant from Turkey were being wasted, with no electricity being generated from either of the plants. Sharif also lamented the huge losses faced by Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM). Sharif said PML-N had never compromised over the peace in Karachi in past, nor would it do so in the future. He further said that the government was mainly responsible for the power crisis in the country. Sharif said Karachi was a big city of about 20 million people belonging to different sects and castes. He said to make the countrys economy self-sufficient PML-N had always kept it in the agenda of its manifesto and added that Karachi, being industrial hub and backbone of the countrys economy, always remained the focal point of his party. He said masses had attached great hopes to the democratic government after the 2008 general elections but all these hopes dashed to ground during the last three years and government failed on all fronts to fulfil its promises. He said he will take into consideration the proposals of Karachi business community. The PML-N chief said he had formed a very competent team of economists. He said Rs29 billion had been kept in the prime ministers discretionary fund and urged the PM to use it for relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims. Our staff reporter from Hyderabad adds: Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday appealed to the philanthropists and donors to come forward and help the rain-hit people of Sindh. Addressing the PML-N workers in Hyderabad during his visit to rain and flood affected areas of Tando Mohammad Khan, Matli and others, he said he had seen people including woman and children sitting in the open sky without food, clothes, water and other necessities of life. He directed the party workers to devote themselves for flood affectees. Our staff reporter from Tando Muhammad Khan adds: PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said that heavy rains in Sindh had caused immense damage to life, agriculture and property but governments appeal for foreign help was unjustifiable. He said he had visited the flood-hit areas to help the affectees and not for politics. Addressing a public-gathering at the residence of PML-N leader Pir Asadullah Jan Sirhindi and Pir Khalilullah Jan Sirhindi at Baitullah Shaheed TM Khan, he criticised the PMs appeal for international assistance for rehabilitating the flood-hit people and said the country had become addicted to seeking help from foreign agencies. He said the losses due to rains were colossal and the government should have made proper arrangements to cope with the disaster. But it did nothing and canals were still flowing. He urged government to focus on rescue and relief in calamity-hit areas, because rains and flash floods had played havoc in the province. He said as a result of wrong policies of the rulers, Pakistan was today much behind the countries of the region. He reiterated that billions being wasted on various state institutions unnecessarily and that could be saved through proper policies. Only this single step would save the country billions and trillions of rupees which could be used for the welfare of the people, he emphasised. He said the government had not changed even a single institution during the past three years. About a timeframe for fresh elections, he said, the question should be put to President Zardari and PM Gilani who could better answer it. On the occasion, Ex-Governor Mamnu Hussain, Ghous Ali Shah, Saleem Zia, Ex-District Nazim, Tando Allahayar Rahila Magsi, Pir Kaleemullah Jan Sirhindi, Pir Masoom Jan Sirhindi and Imdad Chandio were present.