ISLAMABAD (APP) Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Dr Ansar Parvez has said Pakistan needs to build more nuclear power plants to meet its energy requirements and therefore it requires international collaboration. It has already been tasked by the government to install 8800 MW of nuclear power by 2030, he said while addressing the 55th IAEA General Conference, according to a dispatch received here Tuesday. As the head of Pakistani delegation, he called for equitable policies in the area of nuclear power generation and other peaceful applications, saying: All of our civil nuclear power plants have already been under IAEA safeguard and this will continue to be our practice in the future. Dr Parvez informed the conference that historically also, Pakistan had always focused on developing a strong safety and regulatory infrastructure, which was strengthened by the establishment of an independent regulatory and licensing body, the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA), in 2001. The PNRA has grown rapidly in the last decade to establish itself as a strong, independent and credible overseer. It has maintained very close links with the IAEA, both as a taker and a giver. We attach great importance to nuclear security as a national responsibility. Pakistan is a party to several international regimes on nuclear safety and security and commits itself to participate in the related activities and programmes of the IAEA, he stated. He emphasised that IAEA can help ensure free flow of safety related technological information and equipment between member states. This should be an intrinsic part of IAEAs focus on nuclear safety. At the same time, more resources should be devoted to safety assurance. Striking the right balance between its different activities is going to be a challenge for IAEA, but we believe that it can be met by rationalising the priorities. Talking about PAEC Human Resource Development programme, he said: We have a network of in-house educational and training institutions.