In Balochi, Darman Jah denotes a place of cure and healing, which is an apt and befitting name for the new and first ever hospital facility established by the Pakistan Navy (PN) in Baluchistans coastal town of Ormara. Balochistan has been neglected far too long, resulting in heartburn, bickering and insurgency, which has been instigated and exploited by Pakistans detractors. The establishment of the international port at Gwadar, the coastal highway, dams, highways, and military cantonments with facilities like schools, dispensaries, playgrounds, canteens, and other wherewithal have not only provided employment opportunities, but also contributed towards raising the quality of life of the Balochis, since they would also have access to these facilities. The navy has been a major contributor to the cause of engaging the Balochis positively, with a view to improve their living conditions. The entire coastal belt of Balochistan, which was below par in its potential due to lack of communication facilities, education and medical services, is now being brought into the mainstream through various national endeavours. The navys Naval Base Jinnah - instituted to become a full fledged operational establishment - will not only be an important milestone towards the defence of the maritime frontiers of Pakistan, but also provide employment opportunities to the people of Pasni, Turbat and Gwadar. Its Amir-ul-Bahar (Chief of Naval Staff), Noman Bashir, who inaugurated the Darman Jah Hospital, in his speech on the occasion, highlighted that the strength of civilian employees in the navy would become the biggest profession of the people of the area, second to fishing. The uplift of any nation cannot be ensured until the torch of education is lit and its people imbibe the spirit of learning. Balochis deprivation of education has been on two accounts - lack of educational facilities and suppression by feudal/tribal leaders. It is heartening to note the navys welfare activities and its endeavour to develop the coastal belt include the establishment of Bahria Schools at Ormara and Gwadar, providing the incentive of selecting Balochi students after class VII and educating them at navys schools at Karachi, besides setting up a Cadet College at Ormara. In the realm of providing medical facilities, PN had already taken the initiative of establishing medical camps and free medical amenities for the Balochis at its units in the coastal belt. However, there was a dire need to set up a modern hospital to render specialist level medical and healthcare treatment facilities. Realising this urgent requirement, it took the timely decision of establishing a 100-bed hospital near Ormara city, due to its central location. The hospital, apart from catering to the naval personnel, will also offer its healthcare facilities to the local populace. Recruitment of the hospitals female paramedic staff is being made from the local area. After receiving the requisite training at PNs Hospital SHIFA at Karachi, they will be qualified to serve at the hospital. Encouraging the Baloch women to enter service is testimony to pursuance of PNs sustained policy towards uplift and development of Balochistan. Darman Jah is a full-scale medical facility housing trauma care, operation theatre, labour room, pathology, radio diagnostic centre and dental treatment. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. It is appreciable that besides executing its operational task of guarding the maritime frontiers of Pakistan and participating in the war on terror, PN is playing its due role in nation building and social uplift of the people of Pakistan in general and Balochistans coastal region in particular. The 2010 floods had seen the navy in action along with its sister organisations, providing yeoman service to the flood victims. From rescue to rehabilitation, PNs Operation Madad was a commendable task. This year, too, torrential rains have wreaked havoc, causing severe flooding in lower Sindh. In continuation of the same spirit, PNs rapid response teams rushed to help the flood-affected people. Its HQ Coastal Command spearheaded the execution of PNs efforts, with all available resources at its disposal, encompassing helicopters, boats, hovercraft and other wherewithal. It is imperative that we acknowledge PNs comprehensive rescue, evacuation and response plan, as well as its execution to meet the daunting task and mitigate the suffering of the hapless flood victims, who have been hit twice in succession. The armed forces of Pakistan are a boon when they respond to the beck and call of the nation. The writer is a political and defence analyst. Email: