MQM Chief has tendered an apology to the ANP for making remarks to the effect that the party chief Asfandyar Wali had taken millions of dollars from the US before the general elections. Mr Hussain stated that he made these comments without any proof to substantiate his claim. The ANP has appreciated the apology. But indeed, one wonders what kind of political culture has evolved in the country where political expediency has become the norm for the sake of entering the corridors of power and remaining there. The political leadership seems to be ready to make compromises at every step and that has become the bane of our political system. There is a strong impression that compromises devoid of dignity and replete with u-turns are all that the parties in Pakistan have become expert at. The MQM has been rightly accused of making a habit of joining and leaving the government. Of late, it had been trying to rejoin the coalition but the main roadblock was ANP. And just to get back, the MQMs chief showed indecent haste in eating humble pie and taking back his words. And this at the cost of the politics of principles. It is a pity that our leaders make statements but retract them the next day merely to secure their interests. It is therefore not hard to surmise that with such a scenario the city of Karachi has seen so much unrest. Peace cannot be restored in the city if political parties remain engrossed in their struggle for power.