ISLAMABAD - After getting air of Pakistan Peoples Party-led governments plan to retain the chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee in case of incumbent chairman Ch. Nisar Ali Khans resignation, the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leadership has deferred its earlier decision of quitting the slot forthwith. Sources aware of the development taking place on this front informed TheNation when the matter of Nisars decision to quit the slot of PAC chairmanship came up for discussion in the core committee of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party, majority of the central leaders of the party were of the view that in case of resignation, the party would retain the slot. While some of them were of the view that it would be violation of the Charter of Democracy signed between PPP and PML-N leadership and stressed that the slot should remain with some leader from opposition parties. Getting air of the governments plans, the leadership of PML-N has decided to defer the plan of quitting the PAC slot for the time being and in this connection a series of meetings between Nisar and Nawaz Sharif and a few other leaders were held in Lahore. Sources in PML-N informed that matter of quitting the slot of PAC Chairman was delayed for other reasons as well. Nisar wanted to get the work done by the committee under his head compiled and signed by the members before he formally dissociates himself from the slot after laying the report on PAC performance before the National Assembly. The sources in the National Assembly Secretariat informed TheNation that it would take another couple of weeks to compile the work done by PAC in past few months and it would likely be presented before the National Assembly in the upcoming session starting from first week of October. The sources said that Nisar might quit the slot of PAC chairmanship after tabling committees latest reports before the NA wherein he would most likely list the reasons for his resignation and on top of it would be the appointment of a controversial person as Auditor General of Pakistan. He would also refer to the initiation of the audit of the incumbent government and the hurdles and impediments being created in the transparent and fair examination of the financial handling of the government by PAC. The sources in ruling PPP informed that government would most likely retain the PAC chief slot, if Nisar quits, with some member from the ruling alliance. The sources said that some senior PPP leaders had opposed the retention of PAC chairman slot with some PPP leader and proposal came that it would be given to some respectable leader from the coalition partners. Even a senior PPP leader had proposed the name of Awami National Party President Asfandyar Wali Khan while the name of Ch. Shujaat Hussain also figured in the meeting. Some senior party leaders in the party were of the view that retaining the slot within the ruling alliance would bring bad name to the party as opposition would term it a sheer violation of the Charter of Democracy. The sources in the government said that in case the government would decide to dole PAC chairman slot to some opposition party other than PML-N then the main choice with PPP would be JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman.