ISLAMABAD - A constitutional petition has been moved in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, requesting to initiate process to recover looted wealth from elitist leaders of political parties, bureaucracy, retired officers of the Armed Forces and retired judges of superior judiciary and leading members of business elites who stashed booty in banks of Switzerland, USA, Canada UK, Germany, France Spain, South Korea, Malaysia, UAE and other developed countries. Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani filed the petition through Mian Allah Nawaz Advocate under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution of Pakistan, making as many as 27 respondents. The petitioner prayed for asking UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to initiate action/investigation under the machinery designed by the UN known as Stolen Assets Recovery (StAR) Initiative, USA in consonance with the provisions from United Nations Convention against Corruption. He contended in the petition that PPP Chairman Bilalwal Bhutto Zardari, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif, PML-Q President Ch. Shujaat Hussain, Convener MQM Dr Farooq Sattar, ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan, Amir JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman, JI Amir Syed Munawar Hassan, and PTI Chairman Imran Khan be directed to furnish lists of cash and assets held by them in bank accounts as well as real estates purchased by its members and office-bearers outside Pakistan in the mentioned countries. Durrani said that the investigative unit of the StAR be directed to make thorough investigations in the matter of black money laundered from Pakistan and stashed in the banks of safe haven countries, like Switzerland, US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, France, Spain, South Korea, Malaysia, UAE and other countries and make arrangements for restitution of so quantified looted money from Pakistan and stashed in the coffers of the afore-stated countries. The petitioner made respondents including, Government of Pakistan through Secretaries Establishment and Defence, Islamabad, United Nations through its Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, New York, USA, Swiss Bankers Association, Basel, Switzerland, the Stolen Assets Recovery (StAR) Initiative Secretariat, USA, Global Financial Integrity USA, Transparency International, Pakistan through its Chairman Karachi, Transparency International Secretariat Germany, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Pakistan, US Ambassador. of USA in Pakistan, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Pakistan, the Ambassador of Canada in Pakistan, the Ambassador of Germany in Pakistan, the Ambassador of France in Pakistan, the Ambassador of Spain in Pakistan, the Ambassador of South Korea in Pakistan, the Ambassador of Malaysia in Pakistan, the Ambassador of United Arab Emirates in Pakistan, ECP through its Secretary, PPP through Bilalwal, PML-N through Nawaz, PML-Q through Shujaat, MQM through Sattar, ANP through Asfandyar, JUI-F through Fazl, JI through Munawar and PTI through Imran.