LAKKI MARWAT - MNA Humayun Saifullah Khan paid an inspection visit to the newly built Rod Kohi irrigation dike near Tajori Town on Thursday. According to a press release, the dike was built at the cost of Rs 6m and it would be helpful to irrigate 37000-acre land. Pakistan Petroleum Limited Monitoring officer Salman Haider, other concerned authorities and elders also accompanied him on the occasion.  Saifullah said on the occasion that the with the help of dike rain and flood water would be stored and later used for irrigation purposes in Tajori, Tarrikhel, Adamzai and Ahmadzai localities. “Such dikes will be built in other localities of the district to minimize the hazards of land erosion and flood damages”, he told. He said that to develop and boost agriculture sector was on top of his priorities and he would leave no stone unturned to turn the barren and arid lands into to fertile and cultivable fields. He called upon the federal and provincial govts to provide funds under public private partnership programme to launch work on rehabilitation of traditional water ponds and construction of small and slow action dams in the district. PPL Monitoring Officer Salman Haider announced on the occasion that the company would provide Rs 5 million for the construction of more rod kohi dikes and water supply schemes in the area.