LAHORE - Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran has said that young PhDs are playing their role in better research out put and they can help bridge gap between academia and industry.

He was speaking at a workshop organised by Punjab University’s Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialisation (ORIC) on “Platform for bridging Academia-Industry linkage” at Centre for Undergraduate Studies on Thursday.

Dr Kamran said all such departments which were not doing research in the past were now producing PhDs. He said that young PhDs would be helpful in promoting academia’s relationship with industry.

Presenting a roadmap for Academia-Industry relationship, Siddiq-ur-Rehman they had established Industry Resource Centre at Sundar Industrial State and its major components were SME Development Centre, Knowledge Shop and Large Industry.  He said the agenda of Knowledge Shop, which was being established with the help of Higher Education Commission, was to provide all kind of knowledge input to industry under one roof, create consortium of universities, transfer and adaptation of technology, research and testing by backward linkages, human resource covering all types of skills and point out 2030 vision of talent requirement.

The VC said less than 10 per cent of potential was being utilised because of lack of marketing. He said that the economic challenges being faced by the country were energy crisis, trade deficit, lack of investment, reduction in foreign aid, economically growing neighbors and instability.

He said that import substitutions, optimum utilisation of available industrial potential, optimum utilization of human resource, academia and professionals and fast pace and wide spread industrialization were the way forward to build a sustainable economy.

Dr Mujahid Kamran said setting up of universities’ industry liaison office at industrial state, assignments to students and faculty members and joint projects could bridge gap between academia and industry. 

Earlier in his inaugural address, Dr Ejaz said that Dr Kamran had already taken a right step of establishing ORIC in 2010 which aimed at developing, expanding, enhancing and managing the university’s research programmes.