KARACHI  - The non-provision of fuel to Saddar Town garbage lifting vehicles, falling under District Municipal Corporation South, has resulted in serious cleanliness problems in the entire town as rotting heaps of waste lying unattended for many days in union councils of the town is taking on the nerves of dwellers.One of the unkempt streets, often littered with garbage, off Shahrah-e-Kamal Ataturk, leading to the rear entrance of Sindh Secretariat has failed to draw attention of municipal authorities of DMC South, where the rotting heaps of garbage have been creating immense problems for pedestrians and motorists for a week.Chairman Municipal workers Trade Union Alliance Syed Zulfikar Shah says the garbage lifting operation in the town was halted due to non-provision of fuel for municipal trucks. He said monthly deduction of 30 to 35 percent in Octrio Zila Tax by government was one among reasons for poor financial condition of city government. “We are facing financial problems as DMC South is not releasing funds for the purchase of fuel for garbage-lifting trucks,” said Administrator Rehmatullah Sheikh., talking to PPI.Rehmatullah, who was municipal commissioner of the town before being made the town Administrator on Wednesday, told that till the release of funds no cleanliness activity could be carried out in any area of the zone. He said no timeframe could be given for the restoration of garbage lifting until government releases funds for the purpose. He said their outstanding fuel charges to a contractor had gone up to Rs80million.Saddar Town is a densely populated zone having several congested areas including Old Haji Camp, Garden, Kharadar, City Railway Colony, Nanakwara, Gazdarabad, Millat Nagar, Civil Lines, Clifton and Kehkashan and halting of garbage lifting operations have created serious cleanliness problems in the town.