LALAMUSA - The mother's milk for their infants is a panacea to keep child healthy and strong. It's not only protects the infant from diseases but also saves mothers from deadly breast cancer and it is the reason that a worldwide campaign has been initiated to create awareness among mothers to feed their infants with their own milk. These views were expressed by Dr Bushra Fardoos, children specialist Govt Maternity Hospital while addressing a well-attending meeting of mothers "Healthy Baby Contest," held at the hospital. She regretted that mothers to keep themselves fit or as a matter of fashion do not feed their children with their own milk and depend upon milk powder available in market which was not a healthy practice. PTI district leader Sarwat Saleem in her address maintained that mothers could play a pivotal role to provide the country intelligent, brilliant and healthy nation and the important purpose could only be achieved if the infants are looked after properly since birth.Earlier, healthy babies who stood first, second and third were presented gifts.