KARACHI  - Fast approaching Eidul Azha makes it all the more important that the authorities as well as traders dealing in livestock ensure proper vaccination of animals against preventable diseases.Chemical treatment of these with ticks is also extremely crucial to protect people in general against any increase in the number of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) cases.CCHF, a serious health issue that holds every chance to gain strength as well severity during festivals like Baqra Eid required realistic approach to prevent any possible outbreak of the disease.Acaricides (chemicals intended to kill ticks) is the only realistic option for well-managed livestock production, besides indirectly protecting those coming into direct contact with tick carrying animals. Prof Afia Zafar, associated with Microbiology Department of the Aga Khan University, on Thursday mentioned that there was no safe and effective vaccine widely available for human protection against CCHF.This, she said was in a scenario where tick vectors are numerous and widespread while those with direct exposure to these animals at farms or even in their homes hold optimum chances to suffer from the ailment, that holds high chance of death.In reply to a question, she said workers at slaughter houses, care takers of CCHF patients, surgeons, doctors and nurses coming into unprotected contact with patients or the infected secretion are also at high risk.The microbiologist extensively discussing Dengue Fever, CCHF and Naegleria said these three different diseases with almost similar manifestations needed to be properly understood by the healthcare providers as well as the masses. Although they are prevalent in Pakistan yet factors causing them or contributory to their spread are often, either not known, or ignored by people.It therefore important that people are educated with major focus on prevention as well as timely and proper diagnosis. “We also must not forget that no vaccine is as yet available for prevention of any of the three ailments,” said Prof Afia Zafar.